Endodontics is a complicated branch of dentistry involving treatment of the pulp (root canal) and tissues surrounding the tooth, and it is often the quality of the endodontic therapy that will be crucial for preserving your natural tooth. Frequently, when patients come to our clinic with a referral for tooth extraction, ready to lose a tooth they deem hopeless, our specialists are able to save it in most cases.

When is it high time to seek the endodontist’s help?

  • When you start experiencing sporadic or constant tooth ache, which may be caused by an inflamed tooth nerve
  • In case of crown or root fracture
  • In case of inflammation caused by insufficient/inadequate root canal treatment
  • When root canal systems are to be prepared for dental crown placement

Endodontic therapy at the„Kolibri-A” is performed by world-renown professionals holding awards of the International Endodontic Competition and “ The Academy of Dentistry International” for their achievements.

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