Jelena Besakirska

The founder of the Kolibri-A

Certified dentis

In 1988 graduated Medical Institute in Riga (Riga Stradins University).
In 1989 completed “Dental therapy” internship.
Since 1991 has been working as a privately practicing dentist.
Since 1993 cooperates and continuously increases qualifications in the aesthetic dentistry at the National Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (Moscow).
In 1996 was founded Kolibri-A Dental Clinic and since then has been successfully working.
In 1997 became the “Endodontiskais Olympus” competition winner (Russia, Moscow).
In 1998 was performing at the dentist International Congress (Lithuania).
Since 1999 is a member of the International Academy of Dentistry (The Academy of Dentistry International).
2000 as a member of The Latvian delegation participated in a 100th Anniversary celebration of the World Dental Association in Paris.
In the World Clinical Laser Institute has been studying practical laser applications in dentistry.
Since 2006 is a member of the European Laser Dental Association (ESOLA – European Society for Oral Laser Applications).
Since 2012 is a member of the Endodontic Department, International Endodontic Federation, European Endodontic Society.
In May 2014 Dr. Yelena Besakirska studied Dental Implant Courses in Israel.
In 2015 and 2017  visited International dental exhibition The International Dental Show in Cologne (Germany).

Doctor Yelena Besakirska specializes in:
esthetic teeth restoration;
treatment of dental root canals;
prosthetics based on dental implants.

Jeļena Besakirska